Shouts out

Andrew, Bronwen, and Greg (the creators of this madness) would like to extend an extra-huge series of shouts out to some of the fantastic people that have helped us get to this point:

Matt Bouchard and Andy Keenan, the fearless leaders and diabolical geniuses behind our Games for Digital Humanists course at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2014 at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Matt and Andy dreamt up both the course and the game design exercise that let us formulate Reunion in the first place. We (quite literally) couldn't have done it without them. (It didn't hurt that they were fantastic teachers and teaching a fantastic course, either.) So really, what we're saying is that this is kind of their fault.

The entire class of Games for Digital Humanities (shout out, #GamesDH!), for their creative input, lively discussions, and general excellence as people to hang out with. The encouragement and creative atmosphere really made the difference. (And they didn't even really judge us all that much for being such obviously sick people. What does that say about them?)

Greg would like to give a huge and heartfelt shout out to his allies and home base at the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College — for their support of this project, the time and energy that has gone into it, and the conference trip that spawned it.

Andrew would like to thank the University of Virginia, the Scholars Lab, and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute for their unaccountable support leading to the creation of this game. Clearly, mistakes were made.

Bronwen would like to hug everyone in the Games for Digital Humanists class and thank them for all their enthusiasm and hilarity. She also extends her deepest appreciation towards the Dean's Office, the European Studies Department, and the Canadian Studies Department at the University of Vermont, as without their help, attendance at DHSI would not have been possible.

Thank you all! May your family gatherings never be anything like this game.

(Good luck with that.)


Tabletop stock photo (Kickstarter slide) adapted from "Tables MMQ" by ARBRE √ČVOLUTION, Flickr, Creative Commons.
Gameplay video uses the song "I dunno" by grapes, Creative Commons.