Without digging too deep into this family history, it all started in the far-flung reaches of British Columbia. A group of gamers (you know the type) descended upon the University of Victoria to attend a course called ‘Games for Digital Humanists,’ at the annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute. The Games course was a scholastic excuse for creativity, mechanic development, and in this team's case, hilarious and cathartic storytelling.

Andrew, Greg, and Bronwen, brought together by suspiciously adjacent birthdays, survived the week by creating a game that would successfully entertain and offend everyone in equal measure. Guided by ghoulish instructors and egged on by maniacal classmates, the trio took mere days to conceive, design, and implement a basic outline for The Reunion. They drew inspiration largely from their own beloved families, but owe thanks to the other Gamers in their course and at the DHSI conference for sharing ideas and experiences as well.

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson (Author/Game Designer) peaked as a toddler and has been sliding slowly downhill since. His skills include sleeping, snark, and conversing intelligently about books he hasn’t read.

Personal Coping Mechanism:

Greg Lord

Greg Lord (Artist/Game Designer) long ago lost all grip on reality after years of forgetting to sleep. He can be most often seen playing video games or, occasionally, rationalizing the playing of video games with the logic that this will (somehow) help him to (someday) make them.

Personal Characteristic:
Secret Lifestyle

Bronwen Hudson

Bronwen Hudson (Project Manager/Game Designer) usually runs screaming when you mention real life to her, but she’s calmed down enough to temporarily handle reality because she’s desperately passionate to see this game produced. She’s a fanatic for fun but frequently freaks out.

Personal Coping Mechanism:
Redirect Conversation

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