The Reunion: Relationship Trouble Symbol

A Game of Wits

You know them. You love them. But today it's you versus the lot of them.

Gather up whatever coping mechanisms you can manage, because getting through the next twelve hours is going to take every trick in the book.

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The Reunion: Secret Lifestyle Symbol

A Game of Deviousness

Yeah, maybe you're all in it together. But that doesn't mean you're going down with the ship. So run, hide, gossip, and throw each other under the bus like your sanity depends on it.

This is war, and you'll do whatever it takes to survive.

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The Reunion: Storm Symbol

A Game of Stories

Just like a real reunion, it's the twisted stories that make it all worthwhile. So dig deep and dish out your darkest dirt, or fabricate a fantastic familial farce.

Your twisted sense of humor is the heart of the game.

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who drive you crazy.

From bitter adults to bratty kids, 12 hours will never seem longer than when you're thrust into the center of that circle of judgment that is your assembled family.

which make you vulnerable.

Those endearing little quirks that make you who you are. Except for today, that is. Today the only thing they make you is vulnerable. One of these you know already. The other will be an unpleasant surprise.

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which destroy you slowly.

What's a family reunion without mental scars and anguish? Hour by hour, you face a relentless barrage of these bad boys, bringing you all the closer to an early breakdown.

and the
by which you survive.

As the stresses seem to grow all around you by the hour, these little lifelines of sanity are the only thing standing between you and a padded room. Use them wisely — or save them, if you dare.

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